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The applet presently offered is Release Dec '03.
The data presently offered is Release Dec '03.
The older releases are archived here:  
Release history:
  • 02/13/03 Website announcement
  • 09/12/03 Applet update:
    • faster response,
    • better tools to select a value,
    • improved 2-D pop-up performance
  • 10/24/03 Applet update:
    • The user interface changed slightly,
    • Back button now lets you go back 20 levels,
    • Added a Find utility, where you may enter keywords and or part numbers,
    • Now it finds keywords deep inside the part classes,
    • Added a page to help you with commonly mispelled words
  • 11/07/03 Applet update:
    • Highly functional "Find" utility
    • Highly functional reverse interpretation of part numbers
    • Slightly more streamlined user interface
    • Better behavior of 2-D pop-ups across various platforms
    • Faster refreshes
    • Added classes:
      • "Piezo-electrics" (was all a single class: Crystals and ceramics)
        • Quartz crystals
        • Ceramic resonators
        • SAW resonators
        • Ceramic filters
        • SAW filters
      • "Resettable fuses" (was in the "Current Sensitive Devices" class)
      • "Inrush current limiters" (was in the "Current Sensitive Devices" class)
  • 11/16/03 Applet update:
    • Much faster start-up for slow connections: you can start using the utility while the search files are still loading
    • Fixed bugs in "Find" utility and in "Recent" pop-up
  • 12/05/03 Applet update:
    • Now you can navigate using icons
    • Added "Home", "Up one level", "Previous", "Recent" and "Help" buttons at the top
    • Recent classes are selected with picture buttons, instead of with a pop-up menu
    • Clicking on the Help button opens the first page of the PartNumber brand new tutorial, in a new window
    • Clicking on the PartNumber logo opens the PartNumber home page, in a new window
    • No longer opens a dummy frame for 2-D pop-ups
    • Applet is slightly smaller, so that it may fit in 800 x 600 pixel screens
    • The class panel (in the middle) is scrollable, to let you reach tools which may be hidden
    • Simplified semiconductor classes:
      • arrays are now in diodes or transitors
      • misc ICs are now in Misc semis
      • package selection is simplified
    • Simplified custom section into a single class
  • 1/01/04 Applet update:
    • An additional tool in each Part Class lets you specify the last 2 letters of the Part Number (useful in those rare cases when the utility assigns the same Part Number to 2 similar parts)
    • A pop-up menu next to the Part Class name lets you jump to related classes
    • Added "Find Local", and "Find global", buttons at the top
    • Minor fixes to +/- sign, icon drawing, 2-D pop-ups
    • Removed duplications:
      • Alligators and mini-hooks
      • Mechanical shaft encoders
    • Cleaned-up:
      • Wires and cables
      • Terminals
      • Misc Connectors
      • Signal Cable Assemblies
      • Transformers (moved transformer assemblies to Assemblies)