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You already know that you can use the Search field to:
  • Find a class by entering a keyword
  • Find a class by entering its prefix
  • Find a part by entering its Part Number
Here is some additional information on searching.
Scope of the search.
Normally, the "Local Search" button does a search in the present class, and the "Global Search" button does a search in all the classes.
If you start a search by pressing the "Enter" key, then the scope of the search depends on where you are: in a Part Class, the search is local, else it's global (you can force a global search by holding down the Shift key when pressing the "Enter" key).
If you enter a 3-letter class prefix, then the search is global: you'll go directly to that class.
Mispelled words.
This utility knows a few commonly mispelled words. If you enter one of them in the Search field, the utility will go to a class that lists commonly mispelled words, properly spelled.
Search within a class.
The search doesn't end at finding the desired class. Once inside that class, the search continues within it. For example, if you enter "jumper", the utility lists all the classes that include that word. Then, if you select "low-power fixed resistors", not only does the utility go to that class, but it also goes to the first component that matches that keyword: a 0 ohm jumper.
Deep search.
If you keep on searching the same keyord, the utility returns the next combination of menus in the class that includes that keyword. When it reaches the last combination, it restarts from the beginning, but this time it includes the text in the help messages in the search. Searching is reset to just the words in the menus when you enter a new keyword.
Plurals, upper/lower case.
Searches are case insensitive and attempt to be number insensitive. For example, serching for "assembly" returns results that include "Assemblies".
Partial matches.
The utility does find partial matches, though they are further down the list. For example, if you search for "cap", you'll find hardware plugs (a.k.a: "caps") as well as capacitors.
Part Number search.
When searching a part by part number, the formats are:
  • AAA####AA for stock parts
  • ###AA###A for custom parts
Where "A" is a letter and "#" is a digit.
You can enter just the beginning of a part number (at least 3 characters). For example, if you enter "ERE0100", the utility will go to the low-power fixed resistor class, and select 100 ohms, but will select a default size and case.
You can enter wild characters. For example, if you enter "ERE0***JB", the utility will go to the low-power fixed resistor class, and select a 5 %, 1/4 W, leaded resistor, but will select a blank resistance value.