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Gathering info:
The only way that we know about you is if you contact us.
We have no way of finding out which components you use in your products.
This site uses no cookies and gathers no information on your usage of the utility.
The utility runs on your computer, and we have no way of knowing what you are doing with it.
When you run the utility on line, we could find out that a given IP address has requested the applet and certain part class files.
But, we don't know who is behind that IP address, nor do we have a way of knowing which components are accessed from that part class.
When the whole utility is downloaded and run on someone's computer, we can't even find out which part classes are being used.

Computer security:
This applet doesn't access any resources in your computer.
As a matter of fact, it couldn't if it wanted to, because of Java's very tight security measures. For example, it can't even automatically copy a part number to your clipboard, so you may paste it elsewhere, because Java's security blocks that kind of action.