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In this example, we'll specify a low power, 100 ohm, 5%, 1/4 W, leaded resistor.
100 ohm leaded resistor

Make a selection in each tool, from top to bottom.

As this is a standard resistor (not a precision one), select "Standard".

Standard resistor

To select a standard value in the E6 series (6 values per decade), select "E6 Standard".

E6 Standard values

Click the field with the value.

Click value field

Select the significant value of the resistor's value from the 2-D pop-up that appears: select "100".

Select from 2-D pop-up

ALTERNATIVELY: To enter the value directly, select "Enter directly".

Or: select Enter Directly

Click the field with the value and enter the value directly.

Enter value directly

Select the units for the resistor's value: select "Ohms".

Select Ohms

Select how the resistor is mounted: select "Thru-hole".

Select Thru-hole

Select the type of resistor: select "Carbon film".

Select Carbon film

Select how the resistor's tolerance: select "5 %".

Select 5 %

Select the resistor's case: select "RC07 (1/4 W)" (RC07 is the industry designation for that package size).

Select RC07 (1/4 W)

The Results panel, at the bottom, displays a description and a Part Number for your selections.

Results are at bottom