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These are the new features of the Jan '04 revision applet.
  • An additional tool in each Part Class lets you specify the last 2 letters of the Part Number (useful in those rare cases when the utility assigns the same Part Number to 2 similar parts)
  • A pop-up menu next to the Part Class name lets you jump to related classes
  • Added "Find Local", and "Find global", buttons at the top
  • Minor fixes to +/- sign, icon drawing, 2-D pop-ups

These are the changes in the Jan '04 revision data.
  • Removed duplications:
    • Alligators and mini-hooks
    • Mechanical shaft encoders
  • Additions:
    • Modules (as opposed to assemblies)
    • Passive networks (2 or more passives in a single component)
      • RC Networks (resistor & capacitor)
      • LC Networks (inductor & capacitor)
      • ZC Networks (Ferrite impedance & capacitor)
      • Fusible resistors
  • Cleaned-up:
    • Wires and cables
    • Terminals
    • Misc Connectors
    • Signal Cable Assemblies
    • Transformers (moved transformer assemblies to Assemblies)
  • Repositioned:
    • Encoders
    • Kits
    • Modules (from the assemblies group)
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